“Only when we’re brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light” — Brene Brown

How Can I Help…

Addiction and Recovery – Active addiction can take many forms including alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, sex, food, relationships, work, money, perfectionism; anything to offer the quickest relief and numb the pain. Of course recovering from addiction doesn’t just stop with the abstinence of use. Without addressing the underlying issues that are driving your need to seek comfort or detach, the risk for returning to these self-destructive behaviors increase. Recovery is not a linear process and be burdened with internal conflicts and reservations. I meet my clients where they are at, from early stages of contemplation to chronic relapsing or long term recovery. Together we can create a safe space to explore your experience without judgement and identify your unique path to recovery.

Trauma – Perhaps the worst thing trauma takes away from us is our sense of security, and not just from others, but within our self. It can leave us feeling lost, out of control, helpless, guilty, ashamed, angry and afraid. Your body may be experiencing anxiety, headaches, chest pain, stomach aches and overall uneasiness. We find ourselves engaging in behaviors and relationships that aren’t meeting our needs and causing further distress. We start to feel hopeless and buy into the belief that we worthless or that things will never change. Just like trauma, everyone’s process is unique and while I am trained in EMDR, I take a holistic approach to help my clients heal and alleviate suffering.

Emotional Health – Symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief and loss can leave you feeling trapped. We get stuck in cycles of obsession, negative self-talk and compulsive behaviors to try and cope with our thoughts and feelings. I typically begin by managing the symptoms, introducing new coping skills and therapeutic interventions to decrease the distressing emotions and maladaptive behaviors. Together, we work toward removing the barriers, changing perspective and recover motivation to live a life you love.

Relationships – Many people seek therapy because they are desperate to connect to their loved ones, but often times unresolved issues and experiences are preventing them from the connection they desire. Frustration and misunderstandings lead to a breakdown in communication and increase conflict, arguments and resentments. I work with individuals, couples and families to uncover these deeper issues and process their experiences in order to cultivate awareness, develop compassion and rebuild a foundation of healthy communication and respect.

My Style

Most would describe my style as authentic, collaborative and personable. I bring my personality in the room so you feel comfortable and safe sharing your experiences with me. While I demonstrate compassionate understanding, I also offer candid insight and feedback. Therefore, much of my energy is invested in creating safety and trust within the relationship. I hold a profound belief in the ability of people to change, grow and heal and that the therapeutic relationship is the most pivotal factor in facilitating that process.